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Some owners of vehicles, in particular vehicle types Low Cost Green Car (LCGC)

or a cheap car often disturbed by the condition of the cabin is noisy or less silent. This is understandable because the car LCGC designed to reduce the price of production, as well as streamline the fuel consumption. Silencer vehicle cabins tend to gain weight. if you want to see more cabin you can visit Land Rover Discovery 3 partsĀ 

Although the effort to suppress the price is understandable, but a noisy cabin is certainly quite disturbing. Not only reduces the driving comfort, not uncommon for passengers are also difficulties when going to talking on the way. For that reason it is now a lot of car accessories stores which then provide an easy solution to make the cabin quieter, namely by installing aftermarket silencer.


To install the damper cabins were sold in the market, it is advisable to select materials from asphalt and rubber material. This is because the two materials is more effective in reducing noise, and can be easily shaped to follow the parts in the car. If the use of materials of asphalt, usually several accessories store will add a layer of thin carpet again. It is intended to cover the asphalt to avoid direct contact with the original carpet congenital car.

The parts in the car that should be given a damper arguably the entire cabin of the car. It started from the car door to reduce the noise of the vehicle from the side, the car floor to reduce the noise sound mental wheels or sand on the deck and roof of the car to reduce the sound of dripping water when it rains. To add a silent, replace the door with a rubber balloon model is highly recommended. Although more prone to tear, but the door rubber balloon model is better able to muffle the sound than the default rubber tends to thin.

To the old installation, usually depending on the accessories shop itself. The most rapid progress is a full day. This is because in the workmanship, the entire contents of the cabin will be removed and cleaned. Thus, the installation of dampers will be more evenly distributed and the glue will be more powerful glue.