by lola | 13:25

How to Find New Car Releases

Are you looking forward to owning a car this year? They do not manufacture and assemble a car blindly. They come up with either new brands of various models and shapes or the same brands but different models, for instance if it is Toyota, they can come up with a different car shape for Toyota Vista, other than the current shapes in the market. They post them on their website, on their social media pages or even on car magazines or journals.

To start with, General Motors in the late summer plans to double its luxury and sporty cars because there is a huge market for these models.The FCA that is well known for its heavy trucks intends to have several new models that will be launched in various segments as follows; Town and Country minivan, Dodge dart, Chrysler 100, Jeep Patriot and Dodge Journey.

Honda intends to be more youthful on its launch this year as it has redesigned the CR-V to suits the needs of its youthful customers.Ford on the other hand is known for making vehicles that maximize fuel efficiency and great car innovations, it is not just a car maker but also a mobility company and this year intends to put a lot of emphasis on crossovers.

South Korea is another auto maker that intends to welcome Kia Sportage, new Forte and Hyundai’s reinvented and redesigned Equus luxury car this year.Nissan’s standout new models for this year include; Micra, versa, Z (coupe and convertible), Armada SUV and two Infinitis, Q70 sedan and QX80 SUV.

The Major Europeans which is basically the Germans are getting busy with the launch of four new Audi models (Q5, Q6, A5, A8), Merc’s GLC, a new BMW 5 and three VWs (CrossBlue, Tiguan, CC. Toyota company is known of looking ahead 20 to 30 years from now as it manufactures cars.

This clearly shows that all car brands makers are getting busy to launch their new or redesigned cars. In addition, you need to know your target market, whether it’s the young, the youth or aged, as well as the value (money) for that car. Never underestimate or overestimate your market as these are the people you intend to help you market your product, through word of mouth or referrals. As soon as the car is ready for launch they then update their customers in a months’ time. As an auto maker, for you to be able to sell your new car model you need to be able to persuade your customers that the features of that new car, they will never find them in any other car, and once you sell a new car and most people love it, you automatically gotten its market.