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Changing interests and focuses in our lives make life more interesting and FUN. In order to buy an expensive car, I would have to be able to afford the car in cash and it not make a dent in my savings and even then, I would still buy used and wouldn’t go for a flashy brand. We do have affiliate partnerships, so we may earn revenue from the products and services you buy.

These cars are typically available for about $16,000 for a basic stick shift transmission, and the automatic counterpart costs a little extra. With the Scion iQ and Mazda 2 exiting the market, the Honda Fit and Hyundai Accent jump back into this year’s list of the cheapest new cars.

Chinese regulations make it essential for foreign companies to build their cars in China with a local partner in order to avoid steep import duties. I had just washed and waxed my wife’s car the day before, and when she came home from work that evening it was more tree sap than windows and paint. You can buy a nice truck in original condition for as little as $7,500 to $10,000 and even take it to Home Depot on the weekend. The FR-S, which will be rebranded as the Toyota 86 , is powered by a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder Boxer-type engine that produces a peppy 200 horsepower and as much fun as just about any other car on this list.Inexpensive Cars

And always remember the light at the end of the tunnel: days of open-top fun behind the wheel of an excellent British sports car. Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan plans to make precisely the low cost electric cars Chinese consumers want, even though they may never be sold outside of Asia. In Australia, the government has given the car makers their marching orders, saying P1ss off, we don’t want you!” by lowering the import duties to zero for mass market cars. Most parts stores have a machine that can test the alternator without removing it from the car. The Mustang stands as the longest continuously produced sports car line in America, tracing its roots back to 1964. Overall, this car will get the job done, but a little extra investment may lead to a car with better quality.

Using Versa again, the average transaction price is $16,092, according to research and shopping site Three cars have lower average transaction prices: SmartForTwo ($14,264), Chevrolet Spark ($14,707) and Mazda2 ($15,528). There are 4 cars with a lower purchase price than Honda Fit, yet it’s first among the cheapest to own. Knowing the relative maintenance costs of brands can be informative, but it’s also important to consider how car costs change with age. However the computing power, sensing capabilities, and intuitive programming interfaces of modern smartphones afford an inexpensive yet highly capable robotic platform. That really small and cheap car need 6.5 liters of fuel for every 100 km. Maruti 800 proved itself as a very popular 5-door hatchback, almost 2.9 million cars were produced throughout its 30-year life.Inexpensive CarsInexpensive Cars