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This is a car audio amplifier circuit that has high power over than 50w Using the IC TDA1562Q Philips. Car stereo equipment can surpass the sonic clarity of home systems…lower total harmonic distortion. Let us dive into the numbers: at 4 ohms it powers 500-watt amps RMS, 3 ohms it powers 750-watt amps RMS, and at 2 ohms it will power 1,000-watt amps RMS consistently. On a more serious note, there are probably supporters of your design who are doing so not because they bothered to read through your tech notes and learned to read graphs to save their lives, but because some guru they follow said that it is good. The capacitor is actually reducing the spikes of current demanded by the subwoofer amplifiers each time the subs hit hard.

Kicker amps (and the car speakers for bass , subwoofers , and competition sound equipment that Kicker produces) are also available at almost unbelievably low prices – and incredibly accessible since pretty much every Walmart on the planet sells this merchandise.

The cheap ebay amps are my preferred choice, but only if they can actually throw out more than the 6W of power the barebones ebay amp throws out with less than 1{da0cc0759e3dd59033cad93ce4e5fd4792f127056f0a1bfbdb78be629ebbf099} THD. In general, the O2 will outperform discrete amps for the reasons I explain in the articles.Cheap Car Amps

Although 10,000uF capacitors are shown, the amplifier will operate quite happily with less – I do not recommend anything less than 4,700uF for a pair of amps. Technology has moved along nicely in the past decade and there are many small (even tiny!) amps that produce a lot of good clean power. Read your battery look for its CCA (Cold cranking amps ) Amp power wires are so big because the distance from the battery to your amp, would overheat a smaller wire due to the resistance of the wire and the load ( your amp) being at a distance. The R250X1 is a 1-channel monoblock amp capable of pushing 150 watts amps RMP at 4 ohms, and 250 watts RMS at 2 ohms. The charging element will eventually degrade and start loosing its ability to store power, but a good quality charger should last for about 500 charging cycles before the degradation starts to show. This is the reason why some home audio amplifiers can have built-in banks of buffering capacitors that don’t cause a decline in voltage and current.Cheap Car Amps

It is not enough to maintain durations of extreme audio fidelity demanded by the amplifiers. For an individual that is not looking to compete and just wants more out of their factory radio system, a cheap car amplifier will more than deliver enough to satisfy their desires. In this way this circuit was able to deliver much more than the power required to drive two Mini-MosFet amplifiers to full output (at least 2Amp @ 40V into 4 Ohm load) without any appreciable effort. You will also find the amplifiers listed according to wattage, which will help you pick the ones you actually need.Cheap Car Amps