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Laser engraving is the application of laser technology to “throw” part of the surface of the material to produce different depths. Writing, illustrations and even photos can be engraved on the surface of the material. for example like the following video Each material has different properties when receiving heat from a laser, as a result, we have to do a laser test on the material to find out how far the contrast will be produced.

The term that is sometimes used to refer to laser engraving includes laser etching or laser embossing. Both are actually not right. The term etching is the mention of removing some material using an acidic liquid so that the surface of the unprotected material will be “eaten” when immersed in an acidic liquid. For more information about engraving you can visit this link:

While embossing is a term to refer to the process of making 3D shapes on paper or other materials using a press system. The Press system is making two malls: positive and negative, then the paper is placed between the two and press. The result is the material will be drawn following the positive shape of the mall.

Laser engraving does not require malls or chemicals to make it. Technology makes engraving easier and faster to do. You only need vector or bitmap files to do laser engraving. If details and sharpness are very important, we recommend that you prepare vector files.

Laser bases can be seen in the Introduction to Laser Machines, there are also several types of laser-capable materials. While the elements that affect the price of laser engraving services can be seen The introduction of laser engraving on the skin can be seen here, and one of the manufacturers who use it to make belts. Examples of laser applications in acrylic, for engraving writing and drawing on trophies, or making works.

Wood can be grafted nicely, especially hardwood types, for example on skateboard boards.

Gravir results in acrylic will produce acrylic that “crystallizes” so that it looks whiter. Gravir will also look good on transparent acrylic. On one occasion, we added black acrylic to make transparent acrylic that has graver appear more contrast.