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Every car owner or user certainly wants the vehicle to have a strong engine performance and also large, the amount of engine power produced can certainly make a vehicle capable of driving at high speeds according to what the owner wants.

The general term used as a unit of measurement of engine power is Horse Power or HP. The higher the value of the HP, the greater the power generated or released from a car engine. For each type of car itself has a standard specification engine and also HP produced. And to make the vehicle go very fast, you need to increase the Horse Power number.

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This time I will provide several ways you can increase the Horse Power of a car engine:

    Replacing the Computer Chip (ECU)

Engine Control Unit or can be abbreviated as ECU is an electronic device installed in a car. ECU has the main task of regulating the systems in the car such as air supply, fuel supply, speed control, and others. To make the engine power performance become high you can replace the standard car ECU with a specially designed aftermarket ECU. But sometimes you also need to make other changes such as changing the air intake and also the exhaust system.

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    Modification of the Exhaust Gas System

Exhaust gas channel or commonly known as the exhaust is one of the important factors contained in a vehicle that can affect the engine power of the car. The small size of the exhaust can slow down the rest of the exhaust gas to get out of the system, some of the remaining exhaust gas may be trapped in the combustion chamber so that this can make engine performance decrease.
To increase horsepower from a car engine, you can make changes to the exhaust gas line by replacing parts such as headers and free flow mufflers with a larger size so that the remaining exhaust gas can come out so that the effects of exhaust gas back pressure can be minimized. If the engine exhaust gas system runs smoothly, the combustion process in the engine room can be maximized.

    Installing a Turbocharger Component

All you need to know is the process, the combustion process in the engine room requires fuel and oxygen as an absolute requirement so that combustion can occur properly. The turbocharger has the main function to help compress the air entering the cylinder or combustion chamber. Increased oxygen pressure in the combustion chamber makes the combustion process more maximal and has an impact on better engine power. Thus, the installation of turbocharger components can, of course, make the supply of oxygen in the combustion chamber increase, but you also need to replace the cylinder size with a larger one.

    Cooling the air that enters with an intercooler

If high temperatures or heat enter the combustion chamber then compressed, the air will shrink because the molecular form of high-temperature air is more tenuous when compared to ordinary air or cold air. In order for the oxygen supply in the combustion chamber to become dense and large, the incoming air needs to be cooled first by using a component called an intercooler. The intercooler has the same shape as the radiator, but the difference in the intercooler function here is to cool the air. So after the air is compressed by a turbocharger, it will be cooled first in the intercooler, after the air is not hot then enter the combustion chamber.

If you want to use the methods above to increase engine power, of course, you need various components of the car as mentioned above. For the needs of a chip, you can get it easily only in a raceme. What are you waiting for, make raceme the first choice to buy a variety of quality chips.