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Welcome to Best Buy Autos, the most comprehensive used car dealers Sydney-wide. One of the biggest car enthusiasts/experts we’ve ever met – Paul Maghielse ( DriversWay ) – put down every last morsel of car-iana (auto-thoritative, car-fully auto-thored) he has learned in his 15 years in the biz to aid you, Fool, in your hunt for a set of wheels.Car BuyCar Buy

In 2009, GEELY LC ranks No.7 in America Business Weekly’s list of The Smallest Car in the World”, with Audi A1 and BMW Isetta included, depending on its excellent performances including size and styling, powerful engine, spacious inner room, powerful engine, emission system, fuel efficiency and etc.

There’s only so much margin on a new car – some sub-compacts have as little as $300 markup between invoice and MSRP, and you can find the invoice many places – so saying you’re not trading and then saying you are: A. Doesn’t change the dealer’s profit on the new car; B. Lengthens the time it takes to trade (which can be lengthy these days – they could have already appraised it); C. Brings friction and tension to the table.

Depending on past experience, buying a car could conjure an image of a glossy showroom, pristine cars and the patter of a helpful but focused salesperson – or you might imagine a scruffy forecourt staffed by an Arthur Daley lookalike looking to pull a fast one.Car Buy

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