by lola | 12:06

The laser engraving machine has a width Different. Can be used for various types of materials. Laser engraving machines can be classified as wood carving machines, metal engraving machines, or can also be used as laser marking automotive parts.

lasit is a manufacturer of laser engraving machines with experience since 1990, the lasitlaser company operates in Milan and has been trusted by more than 50 countries.

lasit engraving machine consists of several models suitable for you to choose. The use of lasit laser machines is as follows:

1. Dot matrix engraving

Dot matrix engraving is used for printing. Laser machines from laser engraving machines can move from side to side

2. Cut the vector

Unlike the case with carving a matrix, the cut line is done on the contour of the image. Pieces or vectors are usually used for cut wood, paper, and can also be used to cut metal.

3. Laser engraving speed

Carving speed The laser machine refers to the speed of movement of the laser machine itself. If the carving speed is high then production accuracy, efficiency will be high too. In addition, the carving speed can also be used to measure depth when cutting. Inversely proportional to laser intensity, the slower the carving speed, the more carvings are cut. Speed can be measured by engraving a laser panel or print driver from the computer.

4. Material used

Laser engraving machines can be used for wood production, organically glass, sheet metal, glass, and more.

Here, I will provide several ways to operate a laser engraving machine safely and safely.

  • Avoid looking at laser light directly from a laser engraving machine.
  • Use a laser beam in a large or open area.
  • Laser engraving machines may not be used without permission and only people who have been professionally trained can operate laser engraver.
  • Wear glasses when using a laser marker.
  • Move the unnecessary reflector such as metal from the workpiece.
  • It is better to close the area near the work object.

As a manufacturer of trusted laser engraving machines for decades, lasitlaser also manufactures laser engraving cutting machines, laser cutting machines, and also laser marking machines. For more information, you can see the following video link: