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One of the many decisions that new graduates encounter is what kind of car to buy. At a starting price of $25,000, the Chevrolet Impala is one of the more affordable full-sized cars to get into, and it has been winning praise for its overall low cost to operate. Vindicator Cars Ltd are well known in the kit car world for manufacturing great cheap kit cars. Nine out of the 10 best-selling cars cost less than $20,000, and the one that costs more (the Toyota Camry) has a starting price less than $25,000. Last year, I sat in a Spark and found the front seats to be surprisingly spacious. Given the same two cars as above (Ford and Honda), same price on each and same buyer, monthly lease payments will be different for the two cars. Or oyu know, instead of buying dreadful little appliance cars that depreciate like crazy, you could learn to work on older cars and buy something you actually enjoy. See Best Car Deals for the most current cheap lease deals being offered by car makers and dealers.

Almost 50 cubic feet of total cargo space is also on offer with the Accent’s rear seats folded, and items such as power windows and door locks, a CD player, USB audio, air conditioning, and 14-inch steel wheels are included free of charge with the entry-level edition of the car.

Or you buy a brand new 2016 nissan versa for 14.3k..15.5k maybe after tax…comes with a warranty but only costs you maybe 400-600 dollars more to extend it to 100k miles… Not to mention, the versa gets better gas millage… But coming from your snobby point of view, i imagine that didn’t even cross your mind.Inexpensive Cars

Considering that Toyota are engineered to last until the sun falls out of the sky, that’s a ridiculously low price on what is, for all intents and purposes, a brand-new car. The abovementioned cars have different body types and engine variations, depending on the countries, where the cars are manufactured. Spec secret: Residual values will be strongest if you pick the Luxury Pack, Recaro race seats and forged lightweight alloy wheels. It’s not as fast as the 2.5-litre S version but gets you behind the wheel of one of the best handling cars on the market for significantly less cash. Only its low purchase price keeps Fiesta in the hunt among the cheapest economy cars to own. Other cars in this price range are the Nissan Versa, the Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent GL, Kia Rio, and Kia Soul All of these cars can produce lease payments in the sub-$200 range with manufacturers’ promotional offers.Inexpensive Cars

The Soul is the only crossover vehicle on this list, a tall wagon that provides a funky break from the hatchbacks that typically clamor for attention as the cheapest brand new cars. Our 20 Best Cheap Cars ceiling is a $20,000 suggested retail price, including the manufacturer’s destination fee, which averages $800.Inexpensive Cars