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PUBLIC AUCTION SPECIFIC INFORMATION: I, the undersigned, agree that any bids submitted by me are subject to the General Sale Terms and Conditions (Standard Form 114C) and any Special Terms and Conditions applicable to this sale, copies of which have been made available to me. I hereby certify that I am not delinquent in any payment to the Federal Government from any prior purchase of surplus personal property and my name or business name does not appear on the U.S. Government Debarred Bidders List. Payment for parking by a State Employee while out on extended leave such as maternity or medical leave where a warrant is not issued. Each year, up to 40,000 vehicles that have been cycled out of commission by various government agencies are auctioned off by the GSA.

But you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars over retail on a late model, very well maintained vehicle at a GSA auction at Central Auto Auction! Government car and property auctions of all types and sizes are held all over the country virtually every day. As we’ve already mentioned, there are always some risks in buying at government or repo car auctions. The fourth window provides links to explain how GSA auctions and auctions in general work, with one for first-timers.

Additionally, he has partnered with Greg Mahugh in founding El Paso Independent Auto Auction, which opened in January of 2011, and DAA Seattle, which launched in the spring of 2013. But Ditlow said the GSA could have fixed the cars for free before selling them. Have someone drive you to the next GSA auction (as I mentioned earlier) and drive your new car home. Otherwise, the auctions wouldn’t be as popular as they are and no one would participate. For more information, please see Other Auctions of State Surplus Vehicles below.Gsa Auto AuctionsGsa Auto Auctions

If you don’t have a clean, transferable title, the car is useless no matter how little you paid for it. This is especially critical with online auctions conducted at a distance. Details and photos of GSA vehicles are available prior to the sale on our web site or at Inspection of the vehicles is encouraged and welcomed two days prior to the sale from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Banks and lending institutions also repossess property and automobiles from non-paying customers, and sell the goods through public auctions (see Repo Car Auctions ). In most cases (excepting rare, antique/classic, and special interest vehicle auctions) the winning bidder will pay less for a given make/model of vehicle than he would to acquire a similar vehicle at a used car lot.Gsa Auto Auctions

Since terms and conditions vary depending on the type of auction, potential buyers will want to make sure they review and understand the GSA Auction policies Reading though the policies will help attendees know what to expect at this type of public auto auction Contact us with any questions or to learn more about our government auctions.