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Whether you’re buying only liability insurance or a full coverage car insurance policy, the thought of cheap car insurance is enticing. If you’re renting a car in Florida, you’re free to head off to swing through the sleepy seaside towns of the Panhandle, spot alligators in the Everglades, defy gravity at the Kennedy Space Center and fling yourself into a bikini contest (if that’s your thing!) on Palm Beach.

In that same survey, the 10 cheapest cars to insure (for a 40-year-old driver with a clean driving record) were, unsurprisingly, the family-mobiles you’ve probably seen carting kids around in your neighborhood, led by the Honda Odyssey minivan and a variety of compact and mid-sized SUVs.Cheapest Car

Well the insurance industry says yes, quoting figures showing one in five UK drivers will have an accident in their first year, and that 25 per cent of all accidents involve at least one driver under the age of 24. Oh, and while safety statistics prove girls are safer new drivers than boys, EU regulations have outlawed cheaper premiums for female motorists.Cheapest Car

Or you buy a brand new 2016 nissan versa for 14.3k..15.5k maybe after tax…comes with a warranty but only costs you maybe 400-600 dollars more to extend it to 100k miles… Not to mention, the versa gets better gas millage… But coming from your snobby point of view, i imagine that didn’t even cross your mind.

For instance if you’re seeking a five-year, $30,000 loan and you compare two options with a difference in interest rate of just 2.5 percent, then you could potentially save more than $40 per month or $2,400 over the life of the loan by opting for the cheaper car loan.Cheapest Car