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The best cars for students might not be the ones that are the most fun, or have the best image, but they are to be cheap to buy and affordable to run. If you have any cost data on this as well as data around percentage of vehicles that are in major accidents, I’ve love to see it. I would think that the smaller/better handling a vehicle is, the less likely it is to get in an accident in the first place.Low Cost Cars

Now, if I just could get (build myself?) a car that I don’t have to buy fuel for, a solar electric car perhaps, (and camp free in State or National forests – and perhaps forage for food in season), I might experience almost zero cost living while traveling by car, and be as free as the wind.

Rare classic cars were in the news this week when it was revealed that the Foxtons estate agents billionaire Jon Hunt was suing upmarket car dealer HR Owen following a fire that destroyed his classic and rare Lamborghini Miura, now worth almost £1 million.Low Cost Cars

One comment i read is the comment made that recall and warrenty were null and void because the abs system is an aid not a safety issue,blows my mind that,abs is fitted to all cars today as a means of reducing the road toll ie gives control of the car to the driver,that to me is safety not an aid.

I have a Audi A6 2001 2.8 Q and today I started getting ABS and Brake light blinking together and as I read from this forum it looks like a common issue and the damn thing will cost @ $1800 is really thing which worries me. I dont know whether the recall was done or not.Low Cost Cars