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Christmas holiday by car from car rental service is an option for you and your family. The choice of using a car from this car rental service is chosen to do holiday Going home by taking the land route. holiday homecoming itself is a tradition and culture of Indonesian society ahead of Christmas Day arrives. You can use service from Sprinter Van Rental. Usually this homecoming preparation, will be far in advance in the preparation ranging from car rental from car rental service to preparing and selecting luggage for relatives in the hometown. For that following some tips holiday Going home can be done for Going home with safe and comfortable:

  • Prepare Body Condition. It must be specially prepared its driving a vehicle if going home holiday using landline and car rental from car rental service. Moreover, holiday forth coming trip is far enough, it will require considerable concentration and energy. For that much consumption of vitamins and exercise to keep the body stay in a fit and prime condition when going home. For more information you can visit 12 passenger Sprinter van rental.


  • Prepare Provision For Going home. In addition to preparing the body condition before going home, there are also preparations that must be met. Definitely every homecoming, you and your family prepare supplies and some gifts for the brothers in the hometown. But keep in mind to not bring the provision and gift in excessive amount, because this will cause overload on the car you rent from car rental services.


  • Prepare the Vehicle. Every vehicle either car or motorcycle must be prepared before going home. Moreover, going home with rental car from car rental service, surely this will need more careful care. Starting from checking tires, engines, fuel, oil, and complementary equipment. For that make sure the rental car from the rental car service is checked first before use. For car rental booking information you can visit at 15 passenger Sprinter van rental.


  • Ensure Safe House When On Stay Going home. Every holiday arrives, surely many residents will be going home and the house becomes empty. Of course this will make the thieves hanging around looking for homes that leave the owner. As good as to avoid this happens, you can leave the house key to the neighbor who is not going home, as well as ask for help to always check the state of the house. Or if possible, you can install CCTV cameras at some point like in the yard, living room, bedroom.


  • Properly Packed Goods Package. Packing here has a function to facilitate you when searching for the required luggage. For that reason try to sort the luggage based on its needs. The luggage required when traveling back and forth, should be placed at the top so that when needed can be directly taken.


  • Select Departure Time. The right time to go home is during the night, because at night the streets will tend to be quieter but you have to be more vigilant and careful along the way. In addition, the right time to go home holiday is good in advance before the holiday. This is because if he is too close to the feast day then you will certainly rush in driving a car.

So many articles about the tips of Christmas, hopefully these tips can be useful for those of you who choose to celebrate the holiday in the hometown.