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The finance department is one of the last areas where a car dealership can make good, consistent money from their customers. Customer service counts for a lot, which is where the large, well-funded franchised ‘main’ dealers often excel – and they know if they deliver a good service customers are likely to return to have their new car serviced there, or when they’re in the market for another one.

While it often helps sometimes simply to bring a strong willed friend with you to the car dealership, here is a guide that you can read beforehand and bring along with you as well, it’s kind of like the armor you put on before heading into the arena.

Dealership interest rates are typically much higher than loan rates obtained from banks and credit unions Your bank or credit union is one of the best places to start researching car loan rates, and you can obtain relationship discounts” that you won’t find anywhere else.

Today, it is a company with network of 600+ dealers in more than 290 cities servicing all your used cars needs from buying, selling and exchanging used cars of all brands, doorstep finance, documentation and insurance along with a great Consumer Satisfaction on Trust, Quality, Precise Price, Car health, and widest choice.Car Buy

If you bought your car from a franchised dealer, you may be able to seek mediation through the Automotive Consumer Action Program (AUTOCAP), a dispute resolution program coordinated nationally by the National Automobile Dealers Association and sponsored through state and local dealer associations in many cities.Car BuyCar Buy