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If you want big bass, choosing the right subwoofer is only half the battle. It is not enough to maintain durations of extreme audio fidelity demanded by the amplifiers. For an individual that is not looking to compete and just wants more out of their factory radio system, a cheap car amplifier will more than deliver enough to satisfy their desires. In this way this circuit was able to deliver much more than the power required to drive two Mini-MosFet amplifiers to full output (at least 2Amp @ 40V into 4 Ohm load) without any appreciable effort. You will also find the amplifiers listed according to wattage, which will help you pick the ones you actually need.Cheap Car Amps

I doubt any of today’s $1,000 receivers can handle low impedance (4 or less ohm) or difficult to drive speakers as well as the 3020 can. Can be found at and i thought these might be interesting to look at but allof them have good warranties, use high quality components and also brand reputation. This car charger provides 1A, enough for two smaller devices like Kindles or Bluetooth headsets. Expensive – The reputable headphone amps I know of with real bipolar power supplies, suitably low distortion, low output impedance, proper grounding, enough power, etc. So far so good, I’m really impressed with the amp and the shipping was super fast! Some newer amps use Dr. Z speakers and other models come with Celestion speakers. They have no pre-amp or controls apart from basic gain and sometimes bass boost or high frequency filters for subs.Cheap Car Amps

By this time no-one should have driven to dinner so we ordered very good Chinese take-out. I mean there is a lot to be said about people thinking something has to be big, and expensive to be good but my goodness. The ones who are saying it’s good, it’s how you hook it up. So no one can just say that either is bad or good PERIOD because it just depends on what you have and how it’s hooked up. The best power amps also have filters and tone controls that allow you to optimize the bass reproduction. Watts = amps volts, so make sure you know approximately how many amps your system will have.

My problem is I have two subs in one box and need an amp that can push both of them competition style, the one I have keeps cutting off when I connect both of them so I only run one. My car for instance i used a 1987 Alternator which produces 90 amps over the factory 280zx’s 60 amps and its been nice but 60 amps wasnt enough to run the cars own electronic equipment let alone a radio.Cheap Car Amps

Rated at 500 watts, this isn’t as high-output as some of our other options, but if your goal isn’t to have your car vibrate itself apart, it’ll likely be more than satisfactory. Now, you can make your daily commute more enjoyable not just for you but for your passengers as well, bringing all your favorite music to life by pumping up your car audio system with car amplifiers.