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Securely store your current vehicle information and access tools to save time at the the dealership. When used in reference to an automobile, it indicates that the car is a good seller and therefore, an above average profit can normally be made on it so the dealer can get away with charging a premium price, often above the sticker price or other normal market value.

Nine of our dealerships carry used cars in Cincinnati , with our 6 remaining used car dealers providing used cars for sale in Louisville, Dayton, Springfield, Lawrenceburg, Columbus, and Florence, KY With over one thousand used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs in inventory, we carry multiple makes and models for you to choose from.Car Dealership

Philip Evans and Thomas Wurster wrote in their 1999 book Blown to Bits” that the new online era meant car dealers were doomed to destruction.” That same year, a General Motors vice president predicted that 70 percent of his customers would prefer custom online orders.

The second application would refer to a sales individual, be it salesman, sales manager, Sales Business Manager, a closer, etc, and means their ability to be aggressive and pushy to make a sale happen when the customer is wavering or doubtful of the deal being offered.Car DealershipCar Dealership

For Bourassa moving into a new leadership role with the association somewhat ahead of the usual timetable wasn’t a new challenge, as he had previously accepted the position as 2nd Vice Chairman ahead of schedule following the resignation of the Quebec representative also following the sale of his dealership.