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Dealers use Kelly Blue Book to establish the value of trade-ins as well as comparing numbers to set their lot prices.  They use these two terms so that when they are discussing the deal between management and salesman, and when they are calculating their profit after a deal is complete they can differentiate between the true number for the trade-in and the false, inflated number.Car Book Value

As I mentioned earlier, most customers have an exaggerated opinion of what their trade-in is worth, so in order to not anger the customer and risk losing them, the car dealer will show them on paper what they want to see a high trade-in allowance, even though there is absolutely no way the car dealer could, or would ever pay that amount for the trade-in.Car Book Value

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The only proper way to get a correct valuation of your used car is to consult professionals who stay abreast of car prices on a daily basis, and know how to factor in condition, geography, paint color, mileage, model demand and a host of other variables.Car Book Value

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