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For a period of seven days after the date of delivery or 1,000 miles beyond the odometer reading at delivery, whichever comes first, the vehicle may be returned for the exact price originally paid minus a $200 documentation and cleaning fee (as allowed by law). We have a huge inventory of thousands of new cars for sale in Cincinnati, Louisville, Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, and Florence, including trucks, vans, SUVs and commercial work trucks and vans across our multiple new car dealerships in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

The second application would refer to a sales individual, be it salesman, sales manager, Sales Business Manager, a closer, etc, and means their ability to be aggressive and pushy to make a sale happen when the customer is wavering or doubtful of the deal being offered.

When used in reference to an automobile, it indicates that the car is a good seller and therefore, an above average profit can normally be made on it so the dealer can get away with charging a premium price, often above the sticker price or other normal market value.Car DealershipCar Dealership

HOPE DEAL:┬áThe phrase used by a car dealer to describe a sale that they do not know will be financed by a third party lender but hope to make it work by pulling in favors at the lender to get the financing approved by the lender. Search our Used Car Inventory online from the comfort of your own home or Visit Our Used Car Dealership to chat to one of our relaxed sales team about getting behind the wheel of your new car today! We have tracks running front to back along the floor of the trailer, and the car is driven in atop them. And when you buy a used car – know that most sellers are passing their buck onto you.Car Dealership

Quebec-based BMW and Cadillac dealer Marc Bourassa was formally confirmed as CADA’s 76th chairman at the national association’s Board of Director’s meeting in Toronto in October after taking over the role in July from then Chairman Harry Mertin who had to step down after selling his dealership interests.