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There are two ways to attend a GSA sale: one, you can attend our GSA sale in person at our facility at 6767 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77076 , or two, you can log on or create an account at the public/GSA Simulcast Portal which will allow public individuals and businesses to bid online, in real time at the GSA sale. GSA would like to say thank you to all of the fantastic customers who have attended our public warehouse sales events over the years – we hope to see you next Thursday!! As Ive posted in the past, Ive been attending auctions for over 20 years now (yes since I was a small child). Many government auctions have a preview date before the auction where you can ask questions and inspect vehicles. The U.S. Government is not responsible for collection of state and/or local use taxes. It is also highly suggested to start the engine and rev it up. However, a test drive outside of the GSA auction site is not possible. Taxmantoo said: beadedmonkey said: Manheim and other wholesale auto auctions require you to hold a valid CA dealers license in order to register and buy their cars.

Many auctions have a preview period of about two days preceding the auction in which you can look over and inspect the vehicles. While the corporate auctions are trying to figure out how to serve dealers; We have mastered it. Our sale has fresh trades every week to choose from. If a vehicle is purchased by a federal or state government contract it typically has to be sold at auction to the highest bidder when it is time to dispose of the asset. A valid Driver’s License or other accepted form of federal, state or local government issued photo identification information will be captured and recorded for all high bidders at time of payment. For those planning to attend a public GSA auction, we recommend taking a look at our bidding tips for some great ideas on how to prepare for a GSA car auction. This information can also be accessed online at designated online auctions websites.Gsa Auto Auctions

Several GSA cars were not sold even though the bids were well above Kelly Blue Book value. Beadedmonkey said: Manheim and other wholesale auto auctions require you to hold a valid CA dealers license in order to register and buy their cars. I’ve read some of the reviews & they are bad only because Norwalk Auto Auction sells repossessed cars for lenders. The goal of the GSA is to pass savings on to the citizenry because it is your tax dollars that were used to purchase these vehicles in the first place. This communication is not intended as legal advice, and no attorney client relationship results. When you purchase GSA vehicles, you are purchasing vehicles that were owned by the federal government and used in specific government agencies. Some government auto auctions are restricted to licensed car dealers, but most are not. The City of San Antonio (COSA) offers retired fleet units weekly at San Antonio Auto Auction.Gsa Auto Auctions

For those public individuals and businesses that prefer to attend the GSA sale in person at our facility, you must register before the start of sale. Most GSA auction vehicles were purchased new and driven by government employees for official purposes. If you’re in the market for a good deal on a previously owned car or truck, there’s an alternative to the used car lot and thumbing through classified ads: vehicle auctions. Contact national and local auction companies who handle auctions for government agencies.Gsa Auto Auctions

A smattering of consumer auctions are scattered around the country, including the Mason Dixon Auto Auction of Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and Interstate Auto Auction of Salem, New Hampshire. To ice the cake on this adventure my husband (who was a mechanic for 15 years) popped the hood today to discover Norwalk Auto had done some unneeded engine work. In 2011, the two partners also founded El Paso Independent Auto Auction in El Paso, Texas. Government seized-property or surplus auctions are held all over the country at various locations and on various schedules. Across the United States, thousands of cars that have been retired by various agencies are auctioned off by the GSA. The GSA sales are typically the 3rd Tuesday of a given month and start promptly at 10:30. The GSA is the General Services Administration for the United States government.