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Extended Carpet Cleaning Services For Commercial And Residential Use

At the present time, carpet cleaning is not just limited on the removal of dust and other particles from the carpets. The reason why many companies offer other services is mainly drives by the urge of becoming the number one carpet cleaning company trusted by people. If you are one of those who constantly ask the services of a carpet cleaning professional then it would be best for you to know other services that they can offer.

Specialized Way of Vacuuming

Most of the time residential owners are the ones who usually do the vacuuming of their carpets. But nowadays carpet cleaning companies already render these kind of services in preparation for the major cleaning procedure. For some companies they offer it as one of their freebies but for others they might charge you with a little amount. The advantage of having this services as a preliminary step in the principal cleaning process is that it reduces the dirt and dust that is present in the carpet.
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Initial Stage
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If this is your first time asking a professonal cleaning servcie provider it would be best to avail pre-treatment of your carpets before it undertake the principal cleaning procedure. It might cost you an additional payment however some companies render it for free because it is one of the components in their package deals. This phase also includes the drenching of the carpets to organic cleansers. The reason why there are no chemicals involved during this step is to remove initially the particles like dust and dirt and also to make sure the fibers of the carpet are secured. Carpets that did not experience any professional cleaning before can benefit from this step because it has high tolerance to chemicals.

Drying Procedure

Several methods are used by cleaning companies in drying the carpets, often they use such so that there is no need for them to wash the carpets. There are still small amount of liquid present on those carpets hence in your case you have to dry it after cleaning. If by any chances, you have a busy schedule and you have no time to do it you can ask drying services rendered by professional carpet cleaners. Different cleaning companies use large drying apparatus thus you can be sure that your carpet will dry as quick as possible.

Stain Repellent

Most professional carpet cleaning companies nowadays offer services like stain guards or stain removers that are very much popular to people nowadays. Nanotechnology is the one used in this process to apply a protective coating in the fibers of the carpets to ensure that dust and dirt cannot easily go to the carpet’s fibers. Aside from the fact that it makes carpet cleaning much easier, it can also resist stains that can affect the appearance of your carpets.